4 Brilliant Ways to Maximize Gondola Shelving

Gondola Shelving

Gandola shelves are the most frequently used retail shelving across brick-and-mortar stores. Because these displays are highly functional to house different types of products, retailers prefer these over other shelving options. But, did you ever wonder that the displays could be more efficient than just that?

Since retail shelving creates a significant impact on the success of your business, it is imperative to maximize your existing format. It is equally important to realize if you do not maximize the capacity of the existing displays in your retail store, you are under-utilizing space.

Gondolas retail shelving is a brilliant idea. However, positioning these retail displays properly is an imperative concern.

4 Ways of Gondola Shelving You Must Adopt

Use Clip Strips

Clip strips are fine pieces of plastic or metal with hooks at consistent intervals. These strips can maximize store shelving with ease. Some of the benefits of clip strips include:

  • Creates more space for best-selling items. When you merchandise products on clip strips, not on gondolas display, more space is allocated to the top-performing products.
  • It also increases cross-merchandising opportunities by displaying items that shoppers like to purchase together. For instance, you can arrange hair clips next to comb and hairbrushes.
  • If you do not have too many products to display, unnecessary fixtures would only add to the cost. Choose according to the need of the hour.
  • It can also increase exposure, which leads to sales. Clip strips give better coverage to some products in the gondola run in a store.

Customizing your gondola shelving with clip strips is the next step. Some ideas are noted below:

  • Use retailing display strips to hang different merchandise that you generally place on the hook
  • If a product is oddly-shaped, or bulky, customize the clip strip for better impact
  • Hang lightweight products and merchandise with adhesive clip strips
  • Use printed clip strips to hang your merchandise and use them for branding, this increases the exposure of the brand

Use Grills That Maximize Gondola Shelving

Retailers looking to improve their gondolas display and maximize shelving can use grills. Grills are suitable for small-sized products that can be merchandized one atop the other, or item variants.

Grills can benefit the following:

  • Improve shopping experience, as the products displayed are neater. It also reduces the chances of embarrassing moments with products falling off the shelves
  • Educate customers about the product by providing ready information
  • Increase facings and enhanced space

Customizing gondolas retail shelves:

  • Customize the length of the grill to fit the shelf
  • Use fronts & frames that fit onto the fronts of the shelves
  • Adding Perspex grills could also enhance the image of the store as they create a visually appealing environment
  • Add mental grills and wires as they are highly functional

Use Pegboards to Create More Space with Gondola Shelving

Pegboards are extremely useful retail fixtures that use equally spaced holes to position hooks, pegs, or baskets at changeable distances. The ideal pegboard products are the ones that cannot stand upright, such as hardware tools, pool accessories, stationery, etc.

Pegboards offer countless benefits:

  • Reduces capacity of shelf stock as pegboards have limited depth
  • Pegboards are visually aesthetic
  • It allows better shelf space usage
  • It also offers the opportunity of cross-merchandising

Customizing gondolas display shelving using pegboards:

  • Assemble the gondola shelving and hooks on pegboards easily depending on what you wish to display
  • Include versatile items like pamphlets and coupons in a holder, testers, etc.

Use Hanging Bars to Make More Space

Just like pegboards, you can also use hanging bars to create more space. They are different in their structure and appearance, which is great. Hanging bars have many benefits, including:

  • You can market products that are not kept on shelves. If there is an issue with the shape or size of the product, you can still stock them using hanging bars
  • You can optimize the shelf space as hanging bars are built to hold many items
  • Better shopping experience as the merchandise is browser-friendly and organized
  • It also educates customers when you display marketing materials like brochures and pamphlets

You can also customize hanging bars to gondola displays:

  • Customize the hanging bars as per the width of the gondola. Identify the products you want to hang. Make adjustments and add varied peg lengths as well as widths built on specifications
  • If you position the hanging bars strategically along the standard shelves. For instance, you can place packs of teabags beside the tea tins.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for premium quality retail displays and gondola shelving, you have to visit Glass Cabinet Directs. You can find some of the most advanced designs with space-saving features to meet your requirements. Create an extraordinary retail environment with useful displays.

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