7 Styles of Anarkali Salwar Suits You Must Have in Your Wardrobe

Salwar Suits

Indian wear is the most preferred style to look graceful and elegant. Women love Anarkali suits and dresses, which reflect the heritage and culture of Indian tradition, despite being contemporary attire. Anarkali is not only classic, but it also upholds Indian values in every silhouette. It is also considered the most stunning and rich ethnic wear, which symbolizes Indian antiquity. To make a diva look stunning in designer Anarkali suits, we have carefully curated an entire list of options to consider.

As Anarkali dresses are available in different styles and variations, it may be difficult to differentiate between partywear Anarkali suits and simple salwar suits. To help you choose, here is a list of the most loved timeless options women can adorn.

7 Anarkali Suits Divas Must Have

Floor Length Designer Anarkali Suits

Nothing could beat the grace of a floor-length Anarkali suit. It is one of the finest choices for any traditional occasion, be it a festival or a wedding, or a traditional party. The long and flowing Anarkali symbolizes luxury and glory. Most women, and young girls, want to treasure this attire for life.

Printed Partywear Anarkali

Printed Anarkali suits are an amazing addition to the wardrobe for parties and celebrations. This incredible outfit gives an offbeat vibe, typically when it is made from solid fabric like patola silk. It features vibrant and bold prints that brighten any party and uplift the mood. Wearing one such piece to any occasion can surely have the crowd staring at you.

Layered Anarkali Suit

Layered Anarkali suits add an illusion to the entire ensemble. It seems like you are wearing a lehenga paired with a top almost deceptively. It is an exceptionally comfortable to garb and very easy to carry. Layered salwar suits are the latest trends in the category of ethnic wear that augments the touch of classic Anarkali dress with an added twist.

Bridal Anarkali Suit

Today, brides prefer unconventional dresses, and the Anarkali suits just fit the bill. Anarkali dresses are a part of daytime wedding affairs. Brides who are keen on comfort often choose a bridal Anarkali suit for the main event too. As a bride, you can invest in a handwoven, embellished, embroidered, encrusted, or lace-laden Anarkali suit in flowy fabric. You can choose georgette, silk, net, or chiffon.

Front Slit Anarkalis

If you are looking for incredible ethnic wear, your quest ends here. The front slit suits are bedazzling, radiating an exquisite charm. Whilst these suits are a part of the heritage of India, they only became popular in the Indian fashion industry now, and the world of women’s contemporary ethnic wear. The slit lends a magnificent look to the attire and makes you look more sophisticated.

Jacket Style Anarkali Dress

If you want to wear a classic Anarkali dress, but with a dash of uniqueness in it, the jacket style may be perfect. With an embellished fitted jacket, the entire look of the outfit transforms magically. It gives a more polished and refined appeal to the outfit and the person wearing it. Of late, these styles are making a significant impact on Indian women and their fashion trends.

Anarkali Gowns

Another recent wedding favourite is the Anarkali gown. Women love to wear an Anarkali gown to wedding functions like engagement, sangeet, and receptions. Even brides prefer this style, as they want to wear something contemporary and traditional at the same time. Anarkali gowns are the best fit that flatters women on their special day. It is also a safe choice for bridesmaids and families.

Anarkali Suits for Everyday Wear

Contrary to popular belief, Anarkali dresses are a favoured choice for regular wear. Especially, classic cotton Anarkali suits and dresses are perfect for regular wear. Anarkali cotton suits are a fabulous choice for office-goers too. Since women love to style in the unique way possible, adding a few Anarkali salwar suits and dresses would add to the contemporary Indian wear.

Most importantly, these salwar suits are comfortable to wear and soft on the skin. Women can wear Anarkali suits to their office every day and work comfortably in an easy-breezy and hassle-free attire.
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