7 Types of Cabinets for Commercial Use

Counter Top Displays

The importance of display glass cabinets is known almost by everyone. Along with providing an aesthetic look to the area, they also help in arranging the items that are to be placed in the showrooms. This helps the retailers in attracting the attention of the customers towards their products. Below are 7 types of cabinets that every retail store must have.

Glass display cabinet is one of the most important and common glass cabinet that can be found in any commercial store. These glass cabinets come with doors having locks attached to them and usually have a number of shelves in them. The other kind of cabinet are the Gondola shelves. This cabinet has a number of shelves attached to it and therefore can be found in almost every grocery, medicine or pet store. The third of its kind are the counter cabinets. Found in the checkout counters section of the retail store, they have tempered glass attached to it. Interesting, useful and luxurious items are placed on these cabinets to lure customers and clients. Corner cabinets are usually placed in the corner of the retail stores and come with inbuilt LED lights and tempered glass shelves. Counter top displays cabinets are the shelves placed above the counter section and is therefore called so. Usually, items with less weight which are fancy and aesthetic are placed on these shelves. Till counters are those which are more often placed near the counter display cabinets and are available with lockable doors as is basically used for keeping the cash registers and the EPOS machine. Hardwood showcases are also a kind of cabinet made of wood and has multiple cabinets attached to it. Retail items mostly, such as book or vases are displayed in this.

Glass Cabinets

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