Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing

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Digital marketing basically deals with two primary concerns and one of them is the digital world while the other one is the marketing world. There are numerous techniques for this but the basically there are three of them followed by a web development company which are SEO, SEM and the social media technique. While all three are important, they all are important in their own ways. The SEO is used to receive the organic and free listings on the various search engines.

The SEM technique implemented by a social media marketing agency on the other hand has the same task but it is used to receive listings which are paid. This too is a very trending way of gaining customers. Social media technique is used to get customers by running ads on the various kinds of social medias used by the customers and tracking their search history. Traditional marketing involves the offline distribution of leaflets, cold calling, ads in yellow pages, etc.

What Works The Best Today in The World of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing primarily analyses the target audiences and then project the ads towards them through a social media marketing agency by going through their search histories. Through this method a huge number of audience and be targeted and the ideas can be communicated. This also helps in getting the idea of the ROI and what was the overall growth made by the company. In case of traditional marketing, the company hires people for running marketing campaign which usually ends up in projection of the ideas to the wrong audience groups. Through this method only the ideas can be projected and even ROI cannot be calculated.

These are A Few Worth Reading Stats

About 75% of the people using the internet for the searches do never move to the second page and rely on the results in the first page itself. The stats by various web development company and other sources shows that through digital marketing the success leads are 14. 6% while in case of offline its just 1.7%. 93% of the online experience of the new users initiates from the search engines which gradually moves to the apps. 81% companies consider that their social media pages are helpful in promoting their growth and business.

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