Guide for Choosing The Perfect Packaging Tape

Brown Packing Tape

When you are choosing the packaging materials to ship your products, it is necessary to choose the right ones so that your products remain safe from potential damage. Not only from the professional point of view, but from the personal point of view as well, it is necessary to choose the right packaging materials, if you are moving to a new house. Even the packaging tapes that you will be using to pack your products must be the suitable ones. There are different types of packing tapes, such as brown packing tape, fragile packing tape, transparent packing tape and so on. You can get different types of packing tapes online as well. Wellpack is an online store in the UK, where you will get different types of packaging materials, including different types of packing tapes.

The Aspects That Can Influence:

  • The Grades: Packing tapes are available in a range of different grades. They vary according to adhesive thickness, tensile strength and so on. It is easy to unwind high-grade tapes, as they come with good adhesion and withstand temperature change.
  • Package Weight and Size: You have to use different types of packing tapes for different packing boxes ranging in size and weight. For example, if the packing box is big in size, a small packing tape won’t work at all. The thickness of the packing tape increases as the size and weight of the box rises.
  • Environmental Changes: Environmental factors are crucial when you are purchasing packing tapes. Factors such as water, dust and humidity have the potential to affect the seal of the boxes. For example, if you are shipping a product overseas, do not use normal packing tape. Instead, use vinyl tape to seal the box.
  • Application Technique: If the application technique is efficient enough, it does not allow the tape to break due to extensive stretching. Sometimes you need to use water for certain packing tapes to activate their adhesive nature. Certain features such as good elasticity and easy unwinding helps in application technique.

Factors Determining The Strength of Packing Tape

  • Thickness: The thickness is measured in millimetres. The bigger the carton, the wider the tape.
  • Tensile Strength: Tensile strength is the elasticity of force. The tensile strength of a tape is measured in pounds or inches. This force is required to break the tape. If the elastic force is high, the tape has better endurance.
  • Backing Material: Adhesive is laid on the backing material. It can be of plastic, cotton or paper. Fragile tapes have strong backing material.
  • Elongation: It is related to how much the packaging tape can stretch. It is measured in percentage.
Packaging Tapes

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