How to Drape Bajirao Mastani Style Nauvari Saree?

Silk Saree

There are different types of Indian dresses available in the market with different styles and designs. India is a multicultural country with 28 states and 8 union territories. Each state and UT have their own culture, tradition and heritage. There are different ways Indian people opt to represent their culture. They represent their culture through food, different festivals and celebrations and so on. There is another way through which people of this country tell the tale of their enriching culture and history, it is through the dresses they wear. Whichever state you visit, you will find a special outfit that the people of that particular state prefer to wear. The outfit narrates the tradition of that particular state.

Nauvari saree is one such outfit associated with the state of Maharashtra that represents the culture and tradition of this state. You must be aware of many designer sarees, but it is these traditional sarees that come with an interesting story of a particular place which further makes them more unique and special. Generally, a saree is 6 metres long, therefore, it is called six yards of pure grace. But the traditional Nauvari saree of Maharashtra is 9 yards or 8 metres long. Marathi women love to wear this saree on special occasions and festivals, such as weddings. There are different ways to drape a Nauvari saree. It generally depends on the fabric of the saree. For instance, draping a silk saree may slightly differ from draping a cotton saree.

It is the draping style of the saree that makes it look more unique and aesthetic. Moreover, because of this draping style, a woman looks more elegant and sophisticated. If you want to drape this nine yards of pure grace perfectly, you should first know the proper steps to do it.

The infographic below gives a step by step guide to drape a Nauvari saree in Bajirao Mastani style.

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