Methods of Draining Water Using Curtain Wall System

Curtain wall repair

A thin non-structural covering of the building connects through the frame is a curtain wall. These do not carry loads of floor or roof of the building. The basic function of the curtain wall is to prevent the buildings from the effects of the environment. Hence curtain wall repair on regular intervals are necessary. They are usually aluminium-framed walls that consist of in-fills of glass, metal panels, or thin stone. They are classified through two different kinds of methods of fabrication, that is, stick systems and utilised systems. Both systems are designed to be either interior or exterior glazed systems. The Face-sealed, water-managed and pressure-equalised rain screen systems are available for gazing, among which pressure-equalised provide the highest levels of resistance to air and water infiltration, followed by water-managed systems.

The pressure-equalised system functions by blocking all the forces that can drive water inside, acting as a barrier. The exterior gazing, the outside face of glass and exposed aluminium help in shedding the water away. Between exterior gazing and the interior air barrier, a pressure-equalisation chamber is formed, and this reduces water penetration by eliminating the pressure difference, forcing water into the system. Likewise, water-managed also drains and weeps out water from the gazing point. However, it does not create a barrier for air because of which the pressure differential between the gazing and interior walls is strong enough to force water vertically higher, resulting in leakage. Unlike pressure-equalised systems, weeping out water is not a primary function of a water-managed system.

In the infographic below, you will find how water is drained from the curtain wall building so that it does not harm the commercial building. Ars Ltd is known to provide the best home improvement service in the UK. The professionals and specialists can help you understand what is best for your building to strengthen and be unaffected by the environmental conditions. You can visit their website to understand and enquire more about their curtain wall refurbishment service.

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