Reasons Why Bubble Wraps are The Most Preferred Packaging Materials

Bubble Wrap

When parcels arrive, neatly wrapped in cardboard boxes and cushioned with proper materials, it brings a smile almost instantly. Whether it is a tiny gift item or a large piece of furniture, bubble wraps can bind up almost everything and ensure protection.

Bubble wrap stands as one of the lightweight packaging materials that protect goods in storage, shipping, and transit. Available on a large roll, the sheets can be sized into required shapes and used to wrap any shape. Small bubble wraps are also used as cushioning for boxes with voids. It protects electronic items from moisture and static. It is also used for lining envelopes.

Principally, bubble wraps are universal packaging materials that can wrap almost everything. Let us find out what makes bubble wraps so important for packaging.

Bubble Wraps for Shipping

Bubble wraps are not only incredible packaging supplies but they also safeguard fragile items. They give the required amount of cushioning to ensure fragile contents do not break; simply pull to tear off the required amount.

  • Bubble wrap can be used for protective packaging too. It offers extraordinary protection because it has both abrasion-resistant and shock-absorbing properties. It is extremely flexible and lightweight too.
  • Moreover, it is a flexible and adaptable packaging material. You can wrap it around items, irrespective of size and shape. If you want to use rolls, cut the required amount, tear it, and fit it around the items.
  • Since these packaging supplies are lightweight, it gives maximum protection without even adding to the shipping costs.

As a result, bubble wraps are an extremely popular and highly effective type of eCommerce packaging. By tearing off the required amount, you can avoid wastage. This makes it an economical choice too.

Rolls of bubble wrap are available in different sizes. Here, size refers to the size of the roll and the size of the bubble. Small bubble wraps have smaller bubbles, which makes them effective for cushioning purposes.

Selecting Bubble Wrap Sizes

Size is a key factor while choosing bubble wraps, including the size of the bubbles and rolls. Small bubble wraps are best for protecting smaller and delicate items. Likewise, larger bubbles can scale up to protect larger goods, such as industrial parts.

It is imperative to choose the right-sized bubble wrap rolls so that it matches the dimensions of the items to be packed. For instance, to pack large and flat photo frames, you would need wider rolls to ensure maximum protection with minimum wrapping.

Large-sized bubble wraps and bubble blankets that contain larger bubbles are best to protect large shipments like furniture. It also benefits interleaving between products for impact protection.

Larger bubble wrap rolls can be 1500 mm wide. It can be used to wrap and protect large objects. Likewise, smaller ones can be a great choice to mould around contours of shipments and protection of sensitive electronic items. It also has antistatic properties that offer protection against any impact, bangs, and bumps. It protects against static damage too.

Small bubble wrap rolls ranging from 500 mm to 750 mm, or up to 1000 mm, allow excellent protection. It makes tight packaging for tiny items and sizeable things like computers, pictures, and more.

In addition, bubble wraps are eco-friendly choices in this environment-conscious age. These packaging supplies are made of 15% recycled materials, offering assured protection while helping the environmental demands.

Other Protective Packaging Options

Bubble wrap sheets and rolls are the most effective protective packaging materials used for shipping and transport. Today, it is also used to line bubble envelopes, offering the best result for packaging as well as posting different items. These are the best choices for packing CDs and DVDs, clothing, jewellery, brochures, and books. Self-adhesive easy closure gives ease of use.

Moreover, both bubble envelopes and bags are antistatic, which makes them the ideal choice for packing small goods. These supplies have self-adhesive strips to protect small electronic items and fragile goods sent by post in this eCommerce age.

Lightweight bubble bags feature flapped pouches, which offer superior protection. These have tiny air-filled bubbles that provide exceptional protection against bumps and knocks while products are in transit or storage. With a smooth finish on the inside, these ensure products slide in smoothly without scratching.

Another wrapping solution is foam wrap. It is made from 35% recycled resin. It is lightweight and soft packaging to store goods, typically those at risk of scratch. The wrap is available in the form of rolls, which be sized into sheets or length and save time. It is an innovative way of protecting goods that can be put into other packaging materials like boxes to prevent scrapes and bumps.

For more information on bubble wraps and other packaging supplies, contact Globe Packaging experts. You can find the best solutions and order online.

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