What is Curtain Walling System and What are Its Benefits?

curtain walling repairs

As the name suggests, the curtain walling system is an outer covering for the non-structural walls of the building. It helps to protect the building from damages that may occur due to natural phenomena, such as temperature change and UV radiations. It ensures that the interiors of the building are airtight and water-resistant. The curtain walling system has lightweight, aluminium framed walls, which do not carry any load of the roof or floor of the structure or building.

Regular maintenance, proper renovation and curtain walling refurbishment will significantly impact the life cycle, durability and strength of the building.

Classification of Curtain Wall System

The curtain wall system is classified into two main categories. Let us understand those in detail:

Stick Curtain Walling System

In this, the curtain walls are prepared in the factory and supplied in the form of components on the site for installation. Since they are assembled on the site itself and installed later, they are labour intensive. If installed, designed and detailed correctly, then the resulting façade is the most reliable one. Stick curtain walling systems are versatile and allow integration of other systems, such as sliding doors and windows, creating a unique aesthetic.

Advantages of Stick Curtain Walling System

  • Wide variety of system choices are available at an affordable price.
  • Sightlines of the stick system are slimmer as compared to the unitised curtain walling system.
  • They are the best options for angular or complex facades.
  • Since they are produced in the factory, their production process is faster and the sequence of the building can be changed easily as well.

The Unitised Curtain Walling System

In this system, the panelised units are assembled in the factory and stored on site. The unitised system provides good thermal efficiency, sound transmission and fire safety to the buildings. These systems are installed in the series of the frame. They are mostly positioned through cranes, one after the other, and interlocked together, providing structural strength and weathertight joints. The unitised system is used when movements of the building are not appropriate for stick curtain walling installation.

Advantages of Using Unitised Curtain Walling System

  • The speed of construction is fast as all the panels are pre-assembled before arrival on site
  • They are easy to control and have higher quality as their manufacturing and assembling is done carefully in the factory environment.
  • The unitised curtain walling repair systems are typically reserved for large areas of curtain walls.

Benefits of Using Curtain Walls

  • The building façade provides a unique, aesthetically appealing and elegant look.
  • It also makes the building soundproof from outside noise.
  • It reduces the penetration of water and moisture into the building.
  • They are also used to block or allow deep penetration of light, depending on the material used.

The commercial building would have visually stunning exteriors, and these curtain walls can be installed in any size and design. ARS is a well-known repair and restoration service provider in the UK. They provide skilful and flexible curtain wall repair services to their clients, keeping their requirements on priority and aim to complete their work on time with full dedication.

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