Wood Flooring Versus Carpet: Which One Is Perfect for You?

Recently moved into a new house or getting the old one renovated, flooring plays a major role in defining the overall look and appearance of the house. There are various kinds of flooring such as lacquered engineered flooring, unfinished engineered flooring, herringbone engineered wood flooring, etc. Choosing an ideal flooring option might be a difficult decision, so here we are to help you in selecting the right flooring option for you.

Factors that need to be considered

Wood flooring is preferred over the carpet as it looks elegant and matches almost every décor that you might have. Therefore, this makes it a more preferable option. Wood flooring is considered to be a strong and durable option and if maintained properly can last a lifetime. With proper cleaning and maintenance, the old shine and lustre too can be brought back. Carrying the amalgamation of the modern and classic look, it can be used in any room of your house which is not the case with carpet flooring. They may look odd with certain decors.

Wood flooring is always considered better than carpet flooring as it will help in cleaning the pet dander, pollen, mites, etc easily which if not cleaned can lead to severe asthma and other issues. Wooden flooring not only increases the beauty of your house but at the same time adds to its resale value thereby making it more worthy and aesthetically strong at the same time. Cleaning a wooden floor is the easiest task which requires just getting a damp cloth and mopping it up. Vacuuming it once a week is all you need which is not the case with carpet floors. Therefore, herringbone engineered wood flooring or any other wood flooring of your choice is the best option for you.

In the infographic below refer to more points related to lacquered engineered flooring and other such wooden floorings that will help you in understanding the difference between carpet and wood flooring.

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