The Evolution of Goth Fashion

Women’s Gothic Clothing

Goth Subculture:

The goth subculture has originated in the Middle Ages between 13th century to 16th century. It is influenced by the gothic architecture of the Middle Age. The buildings between the 13th and 16th centuries are tall and spooky. Many writers of that era were influenced by these buildings and the description of these buildings were found in their works. And in this way gothic fiction came into existence. But the gothic subculture gained popularity in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s with the rise of the punk rock bands. Gothic dresses such as gothic blouse, gothic cape, gothic skirt and so on are all inspired from the gothic architecture, literature and music. Jordash Clothing is one of the online stores in the UK best known for women’s gothic clothing.

Gothic Fashion:

Gothic fashion is dramatic and expressive. Its theme is dark and bold. All of its dresses and accessories are either black in colour or are in other dark shades. Just like the dresses, the makeup is also bold, dramatic and expressive. To look like a goth, people also dye their hair in different colours and wear occult jewelleries. In the contemporary era, body piercing and tattoos are also given more importance.

Evolution of Goth Fashion

Goth Fashion in the 1970’s:

The goth fashion of the ‘70s was known as traditional goth. Gothic dresses were mostly black in colour. Fishnet, stocking, corset, gothic cape, etc were some of the important gothic accessories of this era. Makeup was dramatic that included pale skin, bold lips and bold and smokey eyes. To look more spooky, people used to wear occult pieces of jewelleries.

Gothic Fashion in the 1980’s:

The goth fashion of this era was inspired from the Victorian style and culture. The gothic dresses were classy and aesthetic. Ruffled high collars and lacy sleeves were some of the features of these dresses. The hairstyle was mostly messy.

Goth Fashion in the 1990’s:

Cybergoth was more popular in this era. Gothic blouse, corset, leather skirt, goggles and sleeve tattoos were some of the important elements in goth fashion in this era. Clothes were mostly in dark shades such as orange, black, burgundy, purple and so on.

Goth Fashion in the 2000’s:

The gothic theme of this era was a combination of romantic and ghoulish themes. They used to call the models “glamourous ghouls”. Structured gowns, flowy gowns and black leather dresses were more famous. Hair colours were either dark or neon.

Goth Fashion between 2010’s and 2020’s:

It is the present day contemporary goth fashion. The dresses are elegant and are either silky or glossy or both. Minimal accessories, tattoos and body piercings are more important. 

women's gothic clothing

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